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Problems. Solved.

Across the world, across industries and across organizations, FME is empowering people to do more with their data.
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Real stories. Real impact.

FME saves organizations time and money, but that’s just the start. See how FME is driving real impact and innovation across industries.

Connections at its core.

No matter where your data lives or what form it takes, FME can help you connect it all.


Convert, transform and integrate your CAD data to do more.

  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • IFC

  • Database and Data Warehouses

    Create a centralized data store or work with your data wherever it is.

  • PostgreSQL
  • Snowflake
  • Databricks

  • Business Systems and Intelligence

    Get better insights into business performance by integrating your data across your organization.

  • Tableau
  • Qlik
  • PowerBI

  • Web Services

    Easily integrate data from web or cloud services into your applications.

  • Cloud Providers (AWS, Azure, Google)
  • System Integration
  • Any REST API

  • Geospatial and GIS Data

    FME is the leader in spatial data integration, bringing you a wealth of brand new insights.

  • ESRI Technology
  • Spatial Data types in databases
  • Powerful spatial processing

  • Digital Twins

    Create living digital twins with integrated BIM, IoT and data streams.

  • Cesium
  • I3s
  • Real-Time IoT/Sensor data

  • Bringing life to data across industries, across the globe.

    Discover real examples from your own industry to see how FME can help you do even more.

    Bringing life to data across industries, across the globe.

    Discover real examples from your own industry to see how FME can help you do even more.

    Connect everything with our no code solutions.

    FME boasts the most comprehensive spatial data support anywhere, not to mention support for clouds, databases, open source and hybrid. You name it, we support it.
    Geospatial GIS data map

    Comprehensive Spatial Data

    When it comes to spatial data, no one else comes close. From GIS and CAD, to databases, point-clouds, sensors, IoT and a lot more.

    Spatial Databases
    Point Clouds
    Multilevel villa project evolution buildings construction

    CAD and BIM

    Whether it be AutoCAD, Revit, IFC, or another system. We have you covered.

    Close up hand on tablet

    Web Services

    Any web service is yours to use. Our FME Hub has over 1,000 items and growing. Or build easily build your own.

    Big data futuristic visualization abstract illustration

    Business Systems and Intelligence

    Business Systems all need data. FME prepares more data than anyone else so you see more to get more.

    Power BI
    Generative AI
    Non-profit, teacher or student?
    We have Free Licenses available to help jump start careers or support your learning, research and charity.
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    We love questions, discussions, and providing demos to help you get started on or to continue your data integration journey.
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