How FME Helps Commercial Businesses

One of the best ways to get to know people is by listening… to their data. Keep your marketing, services, and goods on trend and interesting by learning more about what the people want.

Get to Know Your Customers

Understanding your current and potential customers is critical to the success of your company. Whether you have detailed data about specific customers or broader data about their patterns and behaviours, you can use this to your advantage to help give them what they want.

Integrate Systems and Web Platforms

Data is everywhere! And it’s not just in your point of sale or scheduling system anymore. Data is all over the internet. With custom transformers that connect directly to API’s, you can easily pull in data from social media platforms likeTwitteror even review forums likeYelp!

Generate Insights

Whether your company is involved in retail, restaurants, insurance, or real estate, data can help your company understand your market better. Data is the fuel for understanding when and how to make changes and will help you identify bottlenecks, time email campaigns, and understand the behaviour of your customers.

Gather Location Intelligence

How do you determine where to set up your next restaurant or shop? Location intelligence. Usespatial dataintegrated with local census information and other variables to make sense of where your business will prosper. Take it fromMcDonald’s- one of the largest restaurant chains in the world!

Customer Stories

McDonald’s China

As one of the largest restaurant brands in the world, McDonald’s China constantly has important business decisions to make.FMEhelps McDonald’s integrate their data to further understand their customers, their profit, and helps them choose the best locations for new restaurants.

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McDonald’s China

Bonava and Sweco

Bonava is one of the leading residential development companies in Northern Europe with employees around the world. To help simplify file sharing, Bonava worked with Sweco to bring their files into the cloud. WithFMEthey were able to automatically rename, reorder, and upload files directly to A360. What was once a tedious, manual task was done so much more efficiently thanks to FME!

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Migrating to A360 with FME: A Bonava + SWECO Project

con terra GmbH

Food trucks have become extremely popular in business districts, but it can be difficult for the customer to know exactly when a food truck will be near them. Together with local food truck companies, con terra created a notification service withFME. Along with updates of food truck arrivals, they were able to notify employees of daily menus and specials.

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What People Are Saying About FME

  • "FME is our main software for business and spatial data translation and transformation. It greatly improved the efficiency of GIS service and online reporting service."

    Annie Ye, McDonald's China
  • "Tableau makes data beautiful, FME gets data to the point where it can be made beautiful. FME is the secret sauce."

    David Sypnieski, Athena Intelligence
  • "FME Cloud may not run all year long if there are no earthquakes, or if there are a lot it could run often, and then not again for several months. But it’s always available, checking the feed."

    Stephanie Halpin, California Earthquake Authority

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